Hebron – Most Occupied City In The World?

The many atrocities being carried out by the Israeli regime in Palestine have been well documented. Sadly, even overwhelming evidence doesn’t appear to make a difference in influencing western governmental opinion and action. The people of Palestine continue to suffer. Outside of Gaza, one of the areas of greatest persecution against Palestinians is Hebron. This […]

Israel’s Apartheid Wall And 7 Of Its Myths Debunked

Much has been written about the segregation wall that the rogue state of Israel has erected across Palestine. Not only is the wall in of itself an abomination, it is also illegal under international law. Not that Israel cares about any laws, other than the Apartheid ones that it creates for its own benefit. As […]

War, Truce Or Lifting The Siege: Israeli Plans For Greater Israel

The main idea established in the minds of Israelis last week was that a new war against the Gaza Strip will be of no use to Israel. The country’s military analysts have grasped this idea, which they seem to have concluded from a briefing given by the Israel Defence Forces. However, this has not stopped… via […]

Israeli Children Conditioned To Believe Palestine Doesn’t Exist

The policies of the rogue state of Israel are well known by this time. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, intimidation, abductions and state-sponsored murder are all tactics warmly embraced by the Zionist regime as it moves to annex all of Palestine. Yet there is one more strategy that Israel uses in it supremacist approach to Middle East […]

Israeli Persecution Of Palestinians – The Story Of The Tamimi Family

The Tamimi family of the village of Nabi Saleh in the Occupied West Bank is well known for their heroic attempts to resist Israeli oppression and persecution of Palestinians. Perhaps the best known of the clan is Ahed, released from an Israeli prison on Sunday 29th July, 2018, after being disgracefully sentenced for slapping an […]