Israeli Children Conditioned To Believe Palestine Doesn’t Exist

The policies of the rogue state of Israel are well known by this time. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, intimidation, abductions and state-sponsored murder are all tactics warmly embraced by the Zionist regime as it moves to annex all of Palestine.

Yet there is one more strategy that Israel uses in it supremacist approach to Middle East politics, and this is the psychological conditioning of Jewish children so that they grow to believe that Palestine doesn’t exist. This terrible practice also ensures that future generations of Israeli adults adopt a sociopathic attitude towards the people of Palestine. In effect, the Zionist state is brain-washing its children into not caring about their Palestinian neighbours or their rights. This could be argued to be a form of child abuse illegal under international law.

The following video takes a look at what is provided in the Israeli state curriculum for the education of the children of the rogue state. It makes for grim viewing. Rebel Voice wonders how any parents would want their children to grow up to be racist or supremacist? Surely such failures will be detrimental to the child’s life, as they will not be accepted as a responsible or humane adult in the wider world. So does Israel see itself in the future as an insular, closed society?

The alternative is global rejection, a process which has already begun. Truly, Israel can be therefore be said to be both anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic, as it is successfully portraying Israeli Jews as blood-thirsty, sociopathic people. If the rogue Zionist state pursues its current trajectory, and there seems little likelihood that it will cease, then in the long term, Israel will fail and will fall. In the short term, however, Palestinians will continue to suffer and die.

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  1. Loved the concluding paragraph… it in fact points toward how the process of life is designed to purge truth one way or the other… Israel continues to expose the true agenda of the Zionists with every step it takes… and will eventually fall but until then… as you say… the brave Palestinian men, women, and children will have to pay a heavy price… with their blood and tears… for a crime committed by someone else…

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