Hamas Rubbish Hardline Israeli Minister, Lieberman’s, Threats Of Pending Violence Against Gaza

Israel has many government ministers with a history of bloody actions and incitement to violence. Such aggressive and immoral tendencies seem to be a prerequisite for being a member of the Israeli government. Avigdor Lieberman was born and raised in Moldova, in the Soviet Union. He moved to the land now known as Israel, at the age of twenty, to become a politician, eventually serving as Deputy Prime Minister of Israel and, currently, Defence Minister. He has a track record of making inflammatory statements, most of which would see a politician in the UK being forced to resign. In Israel, standards are different. It appears as if there are none.

In Israel, a citizen of the former Soviet Union who has moved to Israel, has more rights than a Muslim or Christian whose family have lived in Palestine for one to two thousand years. That is the kind of logic employed to justify Zionism. In Israel, they give such delusional malcontents loaded firearms, a government pension and call them sir…

Hamas downplayed on Friday threats made by Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, stressing that the Great March of Return will continue. Hamas spokesman Abdel-Latif Al-Qanou wrote on Twitter: “Threats of the Israeli Army’s Minister Avigdor Lieberman are empty. They will not scare our people”. He added: “Lieberman’s threats have become worthless compared to the will…

via Hamas downplays Lieberman’s threats —

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