Irish Church and State – Wedded In Catholic Corruption

This article was first published one and a half years ago on this site. It looks at the role religious institutions play in modern Ireland and their continuing malign influence. See what you think.

Rebel Voice

At a time when the common consensus appears to (thankfully) be that society must move on from the sectarian divisions that have ruptured Ireland for centuries, it seems that there are still those who are determined to remain wedded to, if not mired in, the antiquated mind-sets that still aggressively promote a particular theology.

Take RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, for example. There we have a publicly funded broadcaster that still sets aside time each day, at the expense of all licence holders, to promote the Angelus, a Catholic ritual. What message does this approach send out to any upon this island who are not Catholic? This does not merely refer to the Protestant population, in particular those who reside in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of the north, and who will have their fears of ‘Popish’ domination strengthened and justified, but also those who are not Christian…

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