Israeli Persecution Of Palestinians – The Story Of The Tamimi Family

The Tamimi family of the village of Nabi Saleh in the Occupied West Bank is well known for their heroic attempts to resist Israeli oppression and persecution of Palestinians. Perhaps the best known of the clan is Ahed, released from an Israeli prison on Sunday 29th July, 2018, after being disgracefully sentenced for slapping an IOF stormtrooper.

But the Tamimi family has a long history of refusing to be turned into doormats. Many members of the family have stood up to Zionist aggression, including Ahed’s mother who was also jailed and recently released. They have lost relatives to Israeli murder gangs, and others have been shot and seriously wounded by Zionists. The Tamimi family stands as a symbol of the Palestinian desire to live in dignity whilst seeking freedom.

The following video looks briefly at the Tamimis and their principled stance as they continue to endure the brutality meted out by the rogue state of Israel to a civilian population.

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