Israel’s Apartheid Wall And 7 Of Its Myths Debunked

Much has been written about the segregation wall that the rogue state of Israel has erected across Palestine. Not only is the wall in of itself an abomination, it is also illegal under international law. Not that Israel cares about any laws, other than the Apartheid ones that it creates for its own benefit.

As international observers document the harm that this supremacist barrier does to the indigenous people of Palestine, the construction continues. Israel is effectively annexing land which does not belong to it, and is building a wall around it. The Zionist state has repeatedly thumbed it’s nose at the international community as well as any idea of human rights. The lives of yet more Palestinians are being destroyed by this crime against humanity.

The following article looks at the myths that Israel has created to try to justify its Apartheid, Zionist wall. It’s well worth having a look to see exactly the kind of lies the Zionist state will peddle in a pathetic attempt to win over western opinion. But the truth will be the end of Israel’s Apartheid, and may set the Palestinians free.

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