Biden administration to review sanctions on International Criminal Court officials —

The Biden administration will “thoroughly review” US sanctions on International Criminal Court officials imposed over investigations into US forces in Afghanistan, a State Department spokesman said on Tuesday, reports Reuters. “Much as we disagree with the ICC’s actions relating to the Afghanistan and Israeli/Palestinian situations, the sanctions will be thoroughly reviewed as we determine our… Biden […]

Wikileaks – Why The World Should Be Grateful To This Truth Site

Julian Assange has been arrested by the UK Metropolitan Police today, Thursday, 11th April. This action was carried out at the invitation of the government of Ecuador who removed his immunity. The President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, is widely considered to be a puppet of the US Federal regime. He revoked Assange‘s diplomatic protection stating […]

1500 Children Held In US Internment Centres

The scandal of the abducted children of illegal immigrants to the USA is one which will not and should not go away. People such as the TV and movie star, Alyssa Milano, are still campaigning for action to be taken to return these children to their parents and families. It is shocking to think that children […]

Israel’s Apartheid Wall And 7 Of Its Myths Debunked

Much has been written about the segregation wall that the rogue state of Israel has erected across Palestine. Not only is the wall in of itself an abomination, it is also illegal under international law. Not that Israel cares about any laws, other than the Apartheid ones that it creates for its own benefit. As […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Scarlett Johansson

This particular Zionist was born Scarlett Ingrid Johansson on 22nd November, 1984 in Manhattan. She is a renowned actress, starring in many high profile movies, most notably Lost In Translation (2003) but has yet to win an Oscar. However, given the Zionist control of Hollywood, and the fact that Johansson is a staunch follower of […]

Israeli Attacks on Humanitarian Aid in Palestine

– The following, is an article taken from the Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP) website. MAP is a charity that provides much needed assistance for those in Palestine who are under constant attack, in various sectors, from the rogue state of Israel. Infographic: Attacks on medical facilities and personnel in the West Bank and Gaza […]

The truth of Palestine

Many astute commentators have drawn comparisons between the behaviour of Israel and that of the Nazi regime. There is much truth in such an analogy. During the Nazi reign of terror, Jewish citizens were discriminated against and persecuted. They were forced to wear yellow stars, and segregation from other Germans was enforced in an attempt […]