The truth of Palestine

Many astute commentators have drawn comparisons between the behaviour of Israel and that of the Nazi regime. There is much truth in such an analogy.

During the Nazi reign of terror, Jewish citizens were discriminated against and persecuted. They were forced to wear yellow stars, and segregation from other Germans was enforced in an attempt to dehumanise the Jewish people. Ghettoes were created, or enlarged, to accommodate a forced influx of Jews to Poland. In these ghettoes the people were treated abysmally.

In what is a sick irony, the Palestinian people today suffer from the same approach by Israel. They have fewer rights than Zionist citizens, are segregated during their movements within their country, and are forced to walk on different paths, use different roads. They are routinely strip-searched in public, humiliated by the Israeli military, and attacked by Israeli settlers as they visit their schools or shops. Palestinian schools are routinely forced to close. Their infrastructure is being systematically targeted to drive them from their homes.

Gaza is now a ghetto. It is entirely cut off from the outside world. Limited supplies are permitted through at the discretion of Israel. Its buildings have been destroyed by Israeli missiles and shells, its people robbed of hope. Many residents live in dire poverty. Thousands of children are traumatized. Hundreds murdered.

The Nazi’s initiated a policy of Lebensraum, designed to provide space for the expansion of Germany. It was this internationally condemned policy that ignited WW2. Israel has its own policy of Lebensraum. Setting aside, for now, the fact that the entire Israeli state is an imposition upon the true nation of Palestine, Israel has decided to annex all of East Jerusalem, the entire West Bank and the Golan heights. Illegal Israeli settlers now number more than 800,000. Each settlement is defined as illegal under international law. Such settlements are in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention and fly in the face of determinations by the International Court of Justice (the legal arm of the UN), including UN Security Resolutions 446 and 2334.

Such Israeli expansion into the Palestinian Occupied Territories is encouraged by a sectarian, colonial Israeli government which cares little for international opinion or laws. Palestinian citizens, desperate to defend their homes, their families, their lives, are trying to fight back. When a Palestinian man, woman or teenager attempts to attack a heavily armed Israeli soldier or settler Paramilitary, with little more than a knife, the media inevitably portrays the Palestinian as the villain of the piece (it should be noted that many of the knife attack claims are fabricated by Israel).

I ask, if someone stole your land, destroyed your electric and water supply (Hebron), demolished your home (East Jerusalem), flattened your olive groves (across the West Bank) thereby taking away your livelihood; humiliated, beat, abducted, illegally detained (children as young as 5) and often murdered your friends, neighbours or family, and all while western governments remained silent, what would you do?

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