Israel’s Terrorist Origins

Here are a few salient facts about those who founded the state of Israel and their supposed authority to do so.

David Ben Gurion, known as the ‘Father of Israel’, was born in Poland and only entered Palestine in 1906 when he was 20 years old. He was the first Israeli PM. Of the approximately 55,000 Jewish people in Palestine at that time, 40,000 were said to have held Russian citizenship.

Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, founding member of Israel and its second president, was from Ukraine. Ze’ev Jabotinsky, founding member of the Zionist terrorist organization, Irgun, was Russian. Avraham Tehomi, another founder of Irgun, was also Russian. Ya’akov Meridor, yet another Irgun commander, was Polish. Menachim Begin, founder of Likud, sixth PM of Israel and a leader of Irgun was born in Belarus.

Avraham Stern, yet another founder of Irgun, and subsequently the breakaway Stern Gang, was born in Poland and entered Palestine aged 18 years of age. In 1941 Stern was known to have petitioned Nazi Germany for weapons to fight the British military in Palestine offering to ‘actively take part in the war on Germany’s side’. He clearly cared little about Nazi persecution and murder of Jewish people and was not alone among Zionists in being prepared to cut deals with the Nazi’s (re: Ken Livingstone’s comments).

Highly decorated SS officer, Lt. Col. Otto Skorzeny, was a celebrated Nazi assassin and reputed to be Hitler’s favourite, who fled Germany to join the Israeli’s after WW2, becoming a hitman for Mossad.

Benzion Netanyahu, father of the current PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was born in Warsaw. The father of Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, was also Polish. Note: Benjamin Netanyahu is the first Israeli PM to be actually born in Israel.

The state of Israel was the 20th century’s equivalent of the Caliphate of ISIS. It is a state violently founded by foreign nationals, located upon stolen land and secured by an aggressive and continuing policy of ethnic cleansing, as well as the indefensible silence and complicity of both western governments and capitulatory media.

Israel has no moral or ethical right to exist, and continues to steal Palestinian land, Palestinian livelihoods and Palestinian lives.

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