Irish News – Pattern Of Right-wing Editorials?

The following letter to the Irish News paper, in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland, was not published. The paper has a reputation for refusing to publish any letters that criticize editorial content. Such insecurities should be exposed. It is also a paper with strong links to the Catholic Church, which has always been (insofar as the hierarchy is concerned) notoriously right-wing, especially in Ireland.

‘The recent Irish News editorial (Sept. 14th) which cast doubts upon the abilities of newly elected British labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, provides clear insight into the agenda of the Irish News editor and, I suspect, the views of those who own the paper.

The editorial described Vladimir Putin as an ‘extreme’ figure. It also drew comparisons between Corbyn and Michael Foot who failed miserably to oust Thatcher. Such a negative approach towards a left-wing figure, as Corbyn is, is indicative of a right-wing agenda, regardless how subtle the tactic employed.

As much as I accept that the Irish News will sometimes permit some small measure of left-wing sentiment through its letters page, it can be seen that, by and large, the paper promotes a pseudo-religious, quasi-nationalist agenda that lists to the right, comfortably embracing Capitalist ethics.

There is no Republican columnist writing for the paper (Jim Gibney is no more Republican today than are the rest of the Sinn Féin leadership) and Brian Feeny, a former member of the SDLP, is the hardest hitting commentator of a Nationalist hue.

The Irish News editorial approach is in keeping with a populist middle-class attitude that refuses to truly explore news events in an attempt to establish and present the truth, regardless how contentious. Where were the hard-hitting exposes on state collusion in the 70’s and 80’s?

The paper will eagerly castigate Putin as ‘extreme’ but will sit in silence as Bush or Obama blow civilians to pieces. Has the Irish News editorial ever described a U.S. President as an ‘extreme’ figure? What about Cameron? What about U.S. foreign policy? The Patriot Act? The Homeland Act? Extreme?

Jeremy Corbyn gives every appearance of a man of principle. He has long kept his eyes open with respect to Ireland and the British colony here. He is someone who deserves to be afforded both respect and leeway in order to try to stem the tide of callous greed and moral apathy that has swept through the Celtic Isles.

That the Irish News editorial would cast doubts upon the abilities of such a man of integrity, at this early stage, says a great deal more about those who control the Irish News, and its content, than it ever could about Jeremy Corbyn.’

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