I Want My Money Back

A piece of Extract verse for your consideration.   I Want My Money Back … yet the people lap it up like dehydrated frogs, feeding greedily on curdled milk from the withered breast of the clergy.   Putrid fluids that give sickly nourishment to quench all appetites for healthy cognizance.   I weep for the […]

Father Ted’s Mrs Doyle

Mrs Doyle is a formidable lady. She should have been a social activist (minus all the feckin’ tea). – If you care, give it a share –

Last Car To Elysian Fields

Last Car To Elysian Fields   by James Lee Burke This is number 13 in the Dave Robicheaux series, set in southern Louisiana. In this installment, the New Iberia detective is drawn into a decades-old case of a popular blues singer who vanished whilst serving time in Angola prison. As is to be expected, such investigations […]

Crusader’s Cross – Jame Lee Burke Thriller

Crusader’s Cross   by James Lee Burke The romance is on again. Rebel Voice and James Lee have renewed their tempestuous relationship but on a day by day basis. If Jamesy starts to act the bollox, then he’s getting the chop. Dave Robicheaux is again to the fore in this installment, book 14 in the popular […]

Father Ted Compilation

Rebel Voice likes to avoid watching Father Ted for as long as possible and then sit down and indulge. It’s a timeless classic. – If you care, give it a share –

Early Irish Feminists With Holy Fire In Their Blood

Saint Moninne of Killeavey was one of Ireland’s earliest female saints. After vigorous instruction in the religious life, she founded a community, initially consisting of eight virgins and a widow with a baby, at Slieve Gullion, in what became, under the later colonial administration, County Armagh. They lived a reclusive life on the slopes of […]