Hundreds Of Irish Babies And Children Die From Neglect In Catholic Church ‘Care’, Bodies Dumped In Septic Tanks

The scandal of the Magdalene Laundries and the orphanages of Ireland run by the Catholic Church is surely one of the most sickening episodes of history on the Emerald Isle. The Church was all-powerful and the children were its greatest victims. Members of the public may have suspected that there were serious problems, but few if any spoke out for fear of becoming victims themselves. Marginalized women, terrified of being shunned in society, were forced into workhouses known as Magdalene Laundries. They were abused and slandered. Their children were often taken from them to be systemically beaten, starved and left to suffer and die from treatable injuries and diseases. Hundreds of their small, bruised and battered corpses were callously dumped in sewage tanks by those who would profess to be Christian. Those guilty of such horrors were never brought to trial let alone convicted. The Church has still not moved to fully compensate its victims.

The Irish Free State was a Catholic theocracy. It was run by bishops and priests drunk on power, many of whom were paedophiles and assorted sex offenders. Many nuns assisted in this abuse. The entire Church endeavour, which lasted for decades, if not centuries, was more Satanic than anything imagined by the writers of Hollywood. Today, there are still those who remember their vile treatment at the hands of the Catholic Church.

The island of Ireland has long been afflicted by two great evils, the Church and colonialism. The grip of both on the people is weakening but not yet gone. Only when Ireland has freed itself entirely from these parasitic, arrogant and thoroughly corrupted ideologies will it ever be in a position to claim its rightful place among the civilized nations of the world.

-Note: the stories contained in the following video may be upsetting for many.

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