US Geo-political gaming

Geo-politics is a complex and scary game with severe repercussions for the losers. Today the US, leader of the right-wing bloc, is engaged in widespread manoeuvres to further extend their imperialist ambitions.

The US, who consistently offer mealy-mouthed utterances upon democracy and freedom, is creating a belligerent front on the Russian borders, designed to both provoke and intimidate the Bear. This is being carried out under the auspices of NATO, with Poland, Bulgaria and some Baltic states all being enlisted in a dangerous attempt to bully Russia into subservience. Syria, a Russian ally, is in tatters, and noises surrounding the imminent confrontation with Iran (yet another Russian ally) are steadily growing.

Israel, the pit-bull of the US, is determinedly playing its role in this theatre macabre, with attacks on civilian populations in Palestine erupting on an Israeli whim. We should also expect future trouble to light up the Caucasus region in a further ploy to stretch Russian forces.

Meanwhile, that other great competitor of the US, China, is being encircled along its coastline. South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and even India are being coerced into confrontation with the People’s Republic. It would appear that the US is determined to remove any credible opposition to its global hegemony, and cares little about the resulting future death tolls.

In Latin America, the US has been linked to turmoil in Venezuela, Chile and Brazil where an effective coup ousted the elected President on foot of spurious allegations made by politicians strongly connected to Washington.

A major gaming piece sure to fully embrace the idea of global war is Donald Trump, a war-mongering egomaniac with documented ties to big business. And this is what it comes down to… money.

War is profit. Global conflict is huge profit. Success means power and power means control. Control means greater profits. Sadly, such a financial boon is the preserve of the corrupted and greedy 1% who create the rules for their sordid gaming. The remaining 99% of the world’s population get nothing but lies, specious dreams, poverty, hunger, pain, debt and death. If you don’t believe me then just ask the ordinary people of Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma, Mexico, Nigeria, Chad, Sri Lanka and Palestine… to name but a few.

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