Facebook Pogroms Orchestrated By Military-Industrial Complex?

So Facebook has went full fascist and banned hundreds of non-MSM news sites? Well, it was expected by those who have been observing the social media giant. It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Facebook is so far ahead of all other similar platforms as to have total power. It doesn’t help that […]

Weakest Armies In The World

We read a lot about the most powerful armies on the planet. But what about the weakest? Few countries would want to acknowledge that their military is little better than a bunch of Boy Scouts hyped up on sugar. For example, when the air force of the southern Irish state take part in a military […]

Respected Journalist Rubbishes Western Gas Attack Claims

Robert Fisk is a well-respected British journalist who often visits war-zones to uncover the truth behind the headlines. In this case, he has travelled to Syria to investigate the western claims that Assad used chemical weapons in East Douma. Fisk’s report appears to strongly contradict the official position of Israel, USA, UK and France in […]

US And NATO Military Bases

The US Federal government is continually expanding its military presence across the planet in pursuit of future total global domination. Today it uses NATO as an international screen to hide behind when undertaking immoral and unethical actions.

Nuclear War Threatened, Again

The increasingly hostile rhetoric that we now hear, in relation to the use of nuclear weapons, is indicative of an apparent desire for war among those who would gain, financially, from such endeavours. Western states have raised the threat of nuclear conflict on more than one occasion, threatening both Russia and North Korea. Iran has […]

Israel’s Missile Strike Is Test For More To Come

The following is an interesting take on the recent missile strike by Israel upon an airbase in Syria. The report suggests that the action was an attempt to test the water in terms of international reaction to such aggression. Sadly, it would appear that both Israel and the US will now stop at nothing to […]

NATO and US Global Dictatorship Approaching?

The following embedded article contains some very emotive photos demonstrating the destruction wrought by the forces of both the US and NATO around the world. It will be seen, when stepping back from the various conflicts involving the aforementioned entities, that there is a consolidation of power by these military forces, with the intention of […]

NATO Adds to Challenge to Russia

The following article provides us with some insight into a recent piece of political maneuvering in the Balkans that could have unforeseen consequences for the people of the entire region, as well as all of Europe. The US is now moving its pieces across the board of the European theatre. Under the guise of NATO, […]

US Geo-political gaming

Geo-politics is a complex and scary game with severe repercussions for the losers. Today the US, leader of the right-wing bloc, is engaged in widespread manoeuvres to further extend their imperialist ambitions. The US, who consistently offer mealy-mouthed utterances upon democracy and freedom, is creating a belligerent front on the Russian borders, designed to both […]