Facebook Pogroms Orchestrated By Military-Industrial Complex?

So Facebook has went full fascist and banned hundreds of non-MSM news sites? Well, it was expected by those who have been observing the social media giant. It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Facebook is so far ahead of all other similar platforms as to have total power. It doesn’t help that Mark Zuckerberg appears to have the morals of a sewer rat. So how will this all play out?

It’s possible that Facebook will over-reach with this oppressive measure. Users will only tolerate such interference for so long before they turn away. Myspace, Bebo and others have all fallen by the wayside in the past. Why would Zuckerberg’s chimera be any different? Yet Facebook has achieved a saturation point that no other corporation has previously found. It might be that it will be this success that will ultimately prove fatal to Facebook.

No government can allow a news outlet to become as large as Facebook is without effecting some form of control over it. The US Federal government and the Israelis are all over Zuckerberg, with many commentators stating their belief that the entire endeavor is a CIA project designed to harvest personal data. If this is the case, then it has been an unmitigated success. The  military-industrial complexes of both the US and Israel are fully invested in the cyber-world, of which Facebook plays a huge part. It stands to reason, then, that Fb would attract the interest of both, if not at the creation stage, then certainly as it began to grow.

But will Facebook become complacent and even more arrogant? Rebel Voice says yes. Facebook will fall. There is no if, only a when and how fast. In an increasingly fickle western world with its shortened attention-span, Zuckerberg may find that neither he nor his corporation are anywhere near as important as they seem to think they are. Roll up, roll up, we’re taking your bets now, please. Facebook to crash within 5 years? 1/4.

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