Crocodiles Feast On Wildebeest

Crocodiles, they’ve been around for millions of years without the need for evolution, perfect killing machines, kinda like the Tories. And the similarities don’t end there. Crocs have mouthfuls of sharp teeth and a vicious bite. Theresa May could take the leg off you with a single chomp. Crocodiles engage in cannibalism and the Conservatives will also consume their own in the never ending rush to ever greater power and privilege. Crocs appear to smile as they kill and feast. Take a look at the Tories in the House of Commons the next time they send their troops to war in foreign climes and note their smirks and guffaws.

But where crocs and Tories differ is that crocodiles kill for food and gorge to survive. The Tories inflict suffering upon civilian populations at home and abroad for no reason other than they have the power. Crocs have greater morality. Take a look at these immutable predators and watch in awe as they display their prowess. Then try to forget the Tories who, whilst infinitely more dangerous, have less natural skill, finesse and scruples.

The following video contains bloody scenes as crocodiles kill and eat whatever animals they can catch. Crocs are the river monsters of Africa and have been for a long time.

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