Crocodiles Hunting Wildebeest – Mother And Calf Fight For Life

Crocs, the stuff of nightmares, even though there are precious few of them in Ireland no matter what Arlene Foster says. These reptilian killers are at the top of the food chain with few if any natural predators. They will eat anything and anyone. As the great herds of the African Savannah migrate in search […]

Crocs Feed On Dead Hippo – Big Guys Not Happy

Crocodiles and hippos, they run things in the African river. Neither likes to give ground and both know no fear. But what happens when they cross swords? The following video looks at what takes place when crocs try to eat a dead hippo. It may surprise you as you observe the crocs’ reaction to the […]

Crocodiles Feast On Wildebeest

Crocodiles, they’ve been around for millions of years without the need for evolution, perfect killing machines, kinda like the Tories. And the similarities don’t end there. Crocs have mouthfuls of sharp teeth and a vicious bite. Theresa May could take the leg off you with a single chomp. Crocodiles engage in cannibalism and the Conservatives […]

Top 10 Savage Animal Rivalries

There are many famous animal rivalries. Mongoose and cobra, lion and hyena, politician and law court. We gaze in awe as they battle, often to the death, reenacting a rite of the natural world that may be horrific to us, but is part and parcel of living on this planet. The following presentation looks at […]