Crocodiles Hunting Wildebeest – Mother And Calf Fight For Life

Crocs, the stuff of nightmares, even though there are precious few of them in Ireland no matter what Arlene Foster says. These reptilian killers are at the top of the food chain with few if any natural predators. They will eat anything and anyone. As the great herds of the African Savannah migrate in search of fresh pasture, they must cross certain rivers. It’s here that the crocodiles wait patiently for their food to be delivered to them.

One of the favourite foodstuffs of the croc is the Wildebeest. As these antelopes, also known as Gnus, try to get across, they run the gauntlet of hungry and formidable crocs. But fear not, the mighty reptiles don’t always have it their own way. The next video gives us a kinda heart-warming tale of a mother Wildebeest and her calf as they try to make the treacherous crossing. Stay with it to the end if you want to smile. It also has the delightful tones of David Attenborough narrating, which is reason enough to watch.

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