Russia’s Nuclear Subs – Meet The ‘Beast Division’

Rebel Voice is not a fan of submarines. Being enclosed within a hunk of metal as others try to sink you is not an enticing prospect. Yet military forces around the planet invest huge sums in developing ever more effective subs.

Nuclear submarines are the bees knees of the sector. These behemoths can stay submerged for long periods of time, making them virtually impossible to track. During conflict, subs can pop up from anywhere to deliver their missile payloads, many of which have nuclear warheads. They are formidable machines.

In the video that follows, viewers get a look at one of Russia’s Northern Fleet nuclear attack submarines. It’s an interesting insight into a wholly different world. Rebel Voice is content to remain on dry land, however, as contingents of submariners travel silently under the waves, wondering if they will find themselves in an impending theatre of war.

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