50 Best Star Wars Alien Species

Star Wars is a movie franchise that will be no stranger to anyone. Could there be a person alive who has not heard of Luke Skywalker? The entire premise has captured the pubic imagination and whetted the appetite for a time when aliens do decide to contact us, if only to prevent us from destroying what is a beautiful planet.

The writers of Star Wars are a highly creative lot, as you would expect. They have visualized and formed a galaxy, one that is far, far away. They also spent considerable time thinking up alien species to populate that galaxy. There is a theory, one pondered deeply by Rebel Voice, that states that anything that can be imagined already exists somewhere in our universe or another. This possibility kinda comes with the whole infinity thing. This means that the aliens that you see in Star Wars could be in existence somewhere out there. Nice thought? Scary thought? Would you like to see a Wookie walk the Streets of London, or would you prefer a Hutt rolling through Helsinki?

Here are 50 of the best that Star Wars has to offer.

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