The Andromeda Evolution – Michael Crichton Sequel by Daniel H Wilson

The Andromeda Evolution by Daniel H Wilson. It’s 50 years since the alien virus known as The Andromeda Strain almost wiped out humanity when it emerged in a remote US town. Although the particular type of virus was believed destroyed at the time, a mutation escaped into the atmosphere. This variant upon the original is […]

Beyond The Ice Limit – Preston & Child Thriller

Beyond The Ice Limit by Preston & Child In this Gideon Crew adventure, the dying US scientist is tasked with visiting the edges of the Antarctica to kill an alien life-form rooted on the sea bed. It’s a sequel to their previous offering, Ice Limit, where a giant meteorite was snatched from a Chilean island […]

50 Best Star Wars Alien Species

Star Wars is a movie franchise that will be no stranger to anyone. Could there be a person alive who has not heard of Luke Skywalker? The entire premise has captured the pubic imagination and whetted the appetite for a time when aliens do decide to contact us, if only to prevent us from destroying […]

Top 10 Biggest Secrets And Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians have enthralled and mesmerized us for centuries. We westerners love to portray them in books, TV and movies. From mummies to alien civilizations that built the pyramids, the Egyptians have captured the public imagination and refused to let go. Yet, with all our modern knowledge and know-how, there are still many elements of […]

Predator – Comedy Dub

Here we have the Predator as you’ve never heard it before. Big, dumb Arnie always gave us dialogue that was good for a laugh, even if that wasn’t his intention. But in this dubbed version, we get to see the dopey star in a whole new light. If only all alien movies were as honest […]

Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens – Part 2

Rebel Voice would be of the opinion that all aliens, space aliens that is (Trump, you listening?), would be scary, especially if they’re in the process of giving you a rectal exam with some weird vacuum cleaner type device. Can a creature that is not of this planet ever be regarded as not scary? Perhaps. […]

Scientology – Facts About Wacky Cult

There have been many strange and wacky religions throughout human history. Most started out as cults, before spreading to eventually gain respectability. However, some are so out there that it’s difficult to see how they could ever be accepted into the mainstream. The cult of Scientology is one such movement. For many, Scientology is little […]

Top 10 Hardest Things To Kill In Movies

The movie industry has captivated us for decades with creatures that are difficult to kill. Whether it is alien blobs, supernatural entities or bad acting (as in the case of both Sly Stallone and Arnie the Austrian Tit), we hold our breathes in the hope that the baddies will eventually be dispatched to that great […]

Winter Moon – Novel By Dean Koontz

Winter Moon  by Dean Koontz Montana is a beautiful place. It has mountains, forests and rivers. It’s a wilderness where a man can go to find himself if he has been so careless to have lost himself in the first place. But it can also be somewhere that is so isolated that, sometimes, no one […]

10 Best Science Fiction Movies?

There are too many great sci-fi movies to be viewed in one sitting – unless you are Sheldon Cooper – yet it is entertaining to take a peek at some of the most recent or best known. In this list, we get a glimpse at those that concern apocalyptic events. – If you enjoyed this, […]

Daughter Of Eden – Chris Beckett

Daughter Of Eden  by Chris Beckett This is book 3 in the renowned Sci-Fi trilogy by the English author, Chris Beckett, and was first published in 2016. Rebel Voice has already reviewed the first instalment, Dark Eden, but sadly didn’t get a chance to enjoy book 2, Mother of Eden, yet. However, Daughter of Eden […]

Top 10 Best Alien Depictions

There are a lot of them out there. They are slimy, cute, flesh-eating, vegan, big, small, sexy and horrific. No, Rebel Voice is not describing politicians. We are talking about aliens. We humans – allowing for the presupposed fact that you are all human, and if you’re not, well then, welcome to our wacky world […]