Canada Searches For Graves Of Thousands Of Indigenous Children Who Perished In Religious Institutions

As moves are underway into the excavation of a burial site in Ireland where it is believed unknown numbers of Irish babies and children were dumped by members of a Catholic religious order, we learn of how a similar fate befell the innocents of Canada.

The indigenous people of the Americas have been treated in an appalling manner. They have suffered not only Apartheid, but genocide. It has never been acknowledged as such by those institutions that perpetrated it. First Nations children were stolen from their families to be indoctrinated by the state via its church institutions. This happened in Australia also, with the Aborigines being victimized there.

In Canada, thousands of these abducted children died when in official care. Their bodies were quickly buried and forgotten by all but their families who were never given the truth. Try to imagine how it was to have your child taken and then that little one disappears and you are never told what happened.

It will never be known just how many children suffered sexual abuse by clergy, or how many were traumatized by the hellish experiences they endured. But the least the authorities can do is to find out where those victims now lie, and then show due respect to them. The citizens of Canada have a right and a responsibility to learn the true horror of what happened to their indigenous children so that it might never take place again.

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