Sicily’s Underage Sex Trade – Mafia, Paedophiles And Exploitation

Most observers of the human condition will have noted that if there is an opportunity to exploit, then there will always be those who will engage in exploitation. Whether it be politics, banks, drugs or, in this case, the sex industry, societies will throw up unscrupulous individuals and even organisations that will work tirelessly to […]

Zen And The Art Of Murder – Novel By Oliver Bottini

Zen And The Art Of Murder by Oliver Bottini Louise Boni is a Black Forest chief inspector in Germany. She is struggling with the aftermath of a messy divorce and the killing of a murderous paedophile. To cope, Louise has turned to alcohol and it’s impacting upon her career and life. Her colleagues are losing […]

The Crow Girl – Novel By Erik Axl Sund

The Crow Girl  by Erik Axl Sund Saga is an Old Norse word meaning an epic story, usually surrounding a family or person. Erik Axl Sund is a composite of both Jerker Eriksson and Hakan Axland Sundquist. Both men are Swedish. The Crow Girl is their first collaboration. It is a saga. Sofia Zetterlund is […]

Roger Casement – Sicko Or Hero?

The following video gives a brief and incomplete introduction into the life of Roger Casement, the Irishman who was a humanitarian and ultimately a martyr for Irish freedom. Unfortunately, Casement is still suspected of having kept diaries, verified by some handwriting experts as his, contested by others, which detailed his paedophilic and pederastic inclinations and […]


Bitterroot   by James Lee Burke Alas, the love affair that had blossomed between Rebel Voice and James Lee Burke has at last floundered upon the rocks of inconsistency. We’ve broken up. Bitterroot is not an episode in the Dave Robicheaux series. Instead, it is one in the Billy Bob Holland saga. I have to ask, […]