Australia’s National Child Sex Abuse Scandal – Prime Minister Apologizes

There seems to be no end to the number and scale of stories that are emerging across western nations in relation to the abuse of children, particularly those who were incarcerated in state institutions. It’s sickening to think that any children would suffer such vile abuse, but to understand that often the main perpetrators were/are in the employ of the state, or acting under their authorization, is shocking.

There is no way to fully recompense the victims of such terror. Many do not survive to adulthood, as they either die at the bloodied hands of their tormentors, or take their own lives in great distress. Apologies from officials are a start, but nowhere near enough. The memories cannot be undone, only reduced and hidden in the farthest recesses of the minds. Governments need to fully acknowledge the harm done to the young, the injustice and terror, and then those same governments, and nations, need to facilitate the treatment and care of those victims, regardless of how much that costs. What price can be put on the mental health of citizens who were abused as children? No doubt there are politicians who could come up with a figure, a small one and even that begrudgingly. But then again, it’s usually politicians who are the root cause of the problems in the first place, both directly and indirectly.

The solution for the long term? Rescue and care for those who suffered and suffer. Immediate measures to prevent any reoccurence. Public transparency and recrimination. Heads must roll, no matter how well coiffed those heads might be. The punishment must fit the crime and a message then sent to any others who would consider such a sickening practice. We all have our roles to play.

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