Israel Gears Up For Yet More Slaughter Against Gaza – Zionists Claim Victimhood

The signs are growing ominous. The rogue state of Israel has begun to amass its military hardware along the border with Gaza. Large numbers of tanks await instructions from the arch-fiend Netanyahu, as they chomp at the Zionist bit in their desire to inflict death and destruction upon the civilian population there.

The Israelis claim yet again they they are the victims. They have slaughtered Palestinians in vast numbers over the last few decades. They have perpetrated ethnic cleansing and instituted Apartheid. It all all been documented and shared with the world. The UN have condemned Israeli actions repeatedly. Yet the Zionists trumpet their well-worn bleat that it is they, the Israelis, who suffer. Their PR departments in Western Palestine (aka Israel) and Hollywood, as well as subsidiaries across the western world have done their insidious work well. Too many people have been fooled.

The defenders of Gaza have homemade rockets of little use. They have some few assault rifles. The have burning tyres and slings for stones. They have kites. Their opposition has tanks and APCs and warships and jet-fighters and bombs and attack choppers and missiles. The Israelis also have hatred, resentment, delusional ideals, a fetid ideology and a growing and induced national psychosis. 

Israel will lose. Any military victory will be Pyrrhic. As much as Israel does have the hardware and the technology and the insane desire to wipe Gaza off the map, they lack the essential qualities of the people of Gaza. Palestinians have courage, tenacity, truth, fortitude and a justifiable right to stand up to the bullies of Zionism. Palestine will emerge from this conflict as the victors. Unfortunately, it will be at a great loss of life and the resultant trauma of many generations to come. Are there ever any real winners in war? Probably not. But what is taking place in Gaza and across Palestine is not really war, it is carnage and it is about the enter a new phase of horror as the world stand idly by and watches, yet again.

With any luck, good sense will prevail this time and the Israeli regime will step back from the campaign of total destruction that it has planned in Gaza. With a little luck, the conscience of officialdom in the West will be pricked and governments will move quickly and strongly to intervene. With a little luck, Israel will crumble and fall and peace can return to the Middle East. With a little luck, and help from Palestine’s friends.

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