Top 10 Simpson’s Predictions That Might Come True?

The Simpsons predicted that Trump would become president of the United States. Scary? Yes. Crazy? Definitely. The Simpsons has been running for almost 30 thirty years with 643 episodes. It’s perhaps not so unusual that they would have hit upon the truth on occasion. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. But Trump as president? That’s a strange one, especially as it was a fine piece of parody at the time.

Life imitating art? Maybe. That’s a deep issue that requires more time and space than Rebel Voice wishes to devote at this time, but there may be an element of truth there, one that the new female Timelord would enjoy tackling. So are there any others events that The Simpsons might have gotten correct? Are there important social, scientific or political developments that the popular sit-com has foreseen? The following video looks at these questions and more. It also gives you reason to sit back and watch The Simpsons. Funny how a family who all have jaundice are so appealing. Hopefully that’s not any kind of prediction.

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