Roger Casement – Sicko Or Hero?

The following video gives a brief and incomplete introduction into the life of Roger Casement, the Irishman who was a humanitarian and ultimately a martyr for Irish freedom. Unfortunately, Casement is still suspected of having kept diaries, verified by some handwriting experts as his, contested by others, which detailed his paedophilic and pederastic inclinations and activity.

Casement did a lot of good during his life. His humanitarian works are well documented and lauded. Yet the mere suggestion of his perverse sexual predations has sought to destroy everything he worked for. Today, he is revered among Republicans who know nothing of his alleged conduct towards vulnerable adolescent boys in the Congo and Peru.

Related image

(Casement in the Amazon)

Perhaps it is time that Republicans of today removed Casement from the sizeable pantheon of Irish heroes, at least until such times as it has been proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Casement was innocent of the accusations of paedophilia lodged against him. We have plenty of other Republican stalwarts who can be held up as examples of the best of our nation.

The next clip goes into more depth about Casement’s trial.

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