Inca History Via Comic Books – A Cultural War

Cultural imperialism is a very real problem across the globe. Some nations are economically dominant and impose, often unwittingly, their cultural norms upon weaker ones. The First Nations people of the Americas have suffered greatly in this process. Thankfully, there are those who are determined to preserve their unique heritage. In the next presentation, we […]

Inca Origins Investigated Via DNA

The Inca’s were a powerful civilization that dominated the western part of the South American continent prior to the disastrous arrival of European colonials. Many legends surround the origins of this incredible society. In this article, scientists have looked at the DNA of indigenous peoples to determine where the Inca’s came from. The results are […]

Mysterious Archaeology – Hidden Information & Confusing Possibilities

This short vid looks at the strange archaeology to be found around the world. The craftsmanship demonstrated in the construction of these buildings and features is exemplary and not easy to explain using accepted theories. Much speculation arises from these constructions and this gives rise to many proposals as to how the ancients were able […]

Roger Casement – Sicko Or Hero?

The following video gives a brief and incomplete introduction into the life of Roger Casement, the Irishman who was a humanitarian and ultimately a martyr for Irish freedom. Unfortunately, Casement is still suspected of having kept diaries, verified by some handwriting experts as his, contested by others, which detailed his paedophilic and pederastic inclinations and […]

Imperial Troops Move Into Brazil

The content of the following report, from teleSur, is extremely worrying. The suggestion is that planned military exercises conducted ostensibly to counter drugs gangs in Amazonia, are really a pretext for the establishment of permanent US military bases in the region. If the suggestion is true, and teleSur are rarely mistaken, then it would appear […]

Cuban Doctors Go, Where Evil States Care Not To Tread

I often read of western heads of state condemning Cuba for its human rights record. They regularly complain that the socialist Caribbean nation has much to do before it can be fully accepted by the west. Barack Obama voiced his concerns about the changes that he felt Cuba needed to make in order to be […]