Imperial Troops Move Into Brazil

The content of the following report, from teleSur, is extremely worrying. The suggestion is that planned military exercises conducted ostensibly to counter drugs gangs in Amazonia, are really a pretext for the establishment of permanent US military bases in the region.

If the suggestion is true, and teleSur are rarely mistaken, then it would appear that the US Establishment is intent on exerting further control over Brazil, an economic power in south America. The US has already facilitated a coup against the democratically elected President of Brazil, and installed the non-elected Temer, who is a Washington puppet. Temer has moved quickly to strengthen contact with the US military, thereby strengthening his own hand at the expense of Brazilian sovereignty.

We will have to await the outcome of these military manoeuvres, although it may be too late if we only then discover that the damage has been done, and imperial forces have gained a solid foothold in the largest of the nations of south America.

Venezuela is a serious prize for them. They are positioning their pieces. The ordinary people will have to pick up the pieces, when the killing begins…

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