Palestinian Warrioress Destroys Israeli Commandos – Satire

Here is a piece of pro-Palestinian video that shows a female Palestinian resistance fighter kicking some serious Israeli ass. What Rebel Voice likes about this sequence, apart from the obvious Palestinian victory, is the similarity to Chinese martial arts movies of the seventies and, latterly, nineties. As to the outcome? Here’s hoping. If you enjoyed […]

Palestinian Child Tackles Israeli Oppression And Brutality

The horrors that the children of Palestine are forced to live through should not be under-estimated. Israeli terrorism and their pogroms against the indigenous people of Palestine serve only to create generation after generation of Palestinian revolutionaries. Whether those rebels use guns, cameras, music or pens, they will never stop in their noble attempts to […]

Free Staters And Anti-Republican Pogroms

Ireland has long had a sad history of citizens who aspire to be English or, at the very least, try to be accepted by the English Establishment as pets and lackeys. British colonialism has left a strong imprint upon the psyche of the Irish people. Republicans are aware of the toxic nature of the colonial […]

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad   by Colson Whitehead Cora is a slave. Her mother Mable is a slave. Her grandmother Ajarry is a slave who was, in the words of Bob Marley, stolen from Africa, brought to America. Yet Cora is strong like Ajarry. She has dreams like Mable. Cora intends to be free. Set in […]

Imperial Troops Move Into Brazil

The content of the following report, from teleSur, is extremely worrying. The suggestion is that planned military exercises conducted ostensibly to counter drugs gangs in Amazonia, are really a pretext for the establishment of permanent US military bases in the region. If the suggestion is true, and teleSur are rarely mistaken, then it would appear […]

Venezuela Says No To Stuffy Old Farts And Their Paperwork

President Maduro is surely justified in making whatever changes to the Venezuelan constitution are necessary in order to give greater control to the people, and provide greater protections for them. Many constitutions, and I include Ireland here, are antiquated and out of touch with modern societies. Whilst no one should throw the baby out with […]

Israel’s Cyber Achilles Heel

We can see how any attempts to interrupt Israel’s cyber industry are regarded as a major attack on Israel itself. The Zionist state relies heavily upon its IT industry. If said industry can be disabled or weakened, then the Israeli regime will likewise be weakened. Computers are but one Achilles heel for Israel. Their arrogance […]

Right-wing Agenda Exposed As Venezuela Burns

The current crisis in Venezuela should not be underestimated by any who care about national and personal freedoms. There is a right-wing agenda at play across Latin America, with events in Venezuela being only one element of a greater regional plan designed in Washington by neo-cons. The article that follows, should help the reader to […]

World Military Bloc Needed Now

What the world needs badly is a pact of mutual military assistance between those nations under either current or potential threat from the forces of imperialism. Only when such a military bloc exists, will any kind of balance be created, which will be in the best interests of the entire planet.