Right-wing Agenda Exposed As Venezuela Burns

The current crisis in Venezuela should not be underestimated by any who care about national and personal freedoms. There is a right-wing agenda at play across Latin America, with events in Venezuela being only one element of a greater regional plan designed in Washington by neo-cons.

The article that follows, should help the reader to better understand those who have scripted the abhorrent narrative that is being disseminated by the capitalist media.The neo-cons do not care about the loss of life that has and will continue to result from their actions. They care only about control, so that they might better extract profits from the blood, sweat and tears of the people.

The parasites of the right-wing must be stopped, before they cause further death and hardship. Their centres of propaganda must be exposed and challenged. It is incumbent upon us all (at least those of us not blinded by such vile capitalist machinations) to act in defence of the people of Venezuela and those across the Americas.

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