Red Ken Writes Again – US Empire To Fall, Crash To Hit All

Ken Livingstone is one of the elder statesmen of British politics. He is well respected by all who know a thing or two about that sector. He is a strong socialist and former Mayor of London. He is also on Israel’s shit-list. Today, he provides articles for Russia Today. In this contribution, Ken comments upon […]

Right-wing Agenda Exposed As Venezuela Burns

The current crisis in Venezuela should not be underestimated by any who care about national and personal freedoms. There is a right-wing agenda at play across Latin America, with events in Venezuela being only one element of a greater regional plan designed in Washington by neo-cons. The article that follows, should help the reader to […]

Right-wing Media Stir Violence in Venezuela

This article, from Sputnik, is revealing in that it gives some insight into the extent to which anti-government terrorists, and their supporters in the media, will go to in an attempt hide the truth of the violence in Venezuela. George Soros would appear to have his grubby hands everywhere that he shouldn’t. The media is […]

Israel’s Attacks on Gaza Healthcare

Here is yet another damning report into the conduct of Israel towards Gaza, then and now. The decent people of the world must be dumbfounded as to how long the Zionist state can continue to treat people in this way, even as the truth steadily leaks out into the public domain.