Red Ken Writes Again – US Empire To Fall, Crash To Hit All

Ken Livingstone is one of the elder statesmen of British politics. He is well respected by all who know a thing or two about that sector. He is a strong socialist and former Mayor of London. He is also on Israel’s shit-list. Today, he provides articles for Russia Today.

In this contribution, Ken comments upon the decline of the US on the world stage. Although still a military and economic superpower, the US has lost much credibility under Trump. The nations of the world are turning against the north American powerhouse. Whether it is China, Russia or the EU, the Orange One has decided to make enemies. But the US cannot stand in isolation and Israel is of no assistance, being little more than a parasitic entity. The US Empire will fall. Have a read at how the right honorable Mr Livingstone (no presumption necessary) sees world events unfolding.

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