Nuclear War Threatened, Again

The increasingly hostile rhetoric that we now hear, in relation to the use of nuclear weapons, is indicative of an apparent desire for war among those who would gain, financially, from such endeavours.

Western states have raised the threat of nuclear conflict on more than one occasion, threatening both Russia and North Korea. Iran has also been dragged into a verbal circus created by the likes of Netanyahu and Trump.

NATO is manoeuvring in eastern Europe. Israel and the US are attacking in the Middle East. The US are posturing in the region of Korea. The UK are squeaking about their military credentials whilst hanging onto the coattails of their north American ally. Latin America is ablaze with protest and division inspired by the right-wing. Africa struggles. Global Islam is under fire.

Ultimately, unless good sense and cool heads prevail, we will all become losers in such a global war. The people have their role to play. We all have a voice. Perhaps we should use it.

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