Syria And A Question Of Balls

Here is a reminder of what is really happening in the Middle East. This is the foremost explanation of what is going on and why, and you’ll go a long way before you can find a better, and more scientific, explanation of such complex matters (wink wink). via Syria And A Question Of Balls

UK Arms Sales To Israel Increases By 250%

Wars need weapons. The UK has weapons. Israel wants war. Israel also wants to conduct brutal savagery against the civilians of Palestine, particularly those in Gaza. The rogue Zionist state cannot kill if it has no weaponry. If Israel is to make its own weapons, as it often does, it still requires parts and materials […]

Respected Journalist Rubbishes Western Gas Attack Claims

Robert Fisk is a well-respected British journalist who often visits war-zones to uncover the truth behind the headlines. In this case, he has travelled to Syria to investigate the western claims that Assad used chemical weapons in East Douma. Fisk’s report appears to strongly contradict the official position of Israel, USA, UK and France in […]

Britain Selling Weaponry To Rogue State Of Israel As Palestinians Die

In this clip from Russia Today, we hear how the British government has continually sold weapons to Israel even though the Zionist state has been engaged in the well-documented practice of killing Palestinian civilians. Israel enacts policies of Apartheid and ethnic cleansing. It also launches missile and artillery strikes against civilian targets. It has starved […]

Nuclear Weapons By The Numbers – State Capabilities

With the looming spectre of global war growing ever-larger, Rebel Voice presents this look at the number of nuclear weapons each such power has. It’s interesting to see just how capable we are, as a species, to entirely destroy our planet and, of course, ourselves. It’s also worth noting that although Israel is currently denouncing […]

Anti-Media Report On Syrian Gas Attack Lies

Events currently playing out in Syria may have strong repercussions for more than just the population there. The entire region has become a tinderbox because of the immoral and deceptive behaviour of Israel and the US Administration, with France and the UK hanging onto the shirttails of the twin demons of the¬†Axis of Evil. Lies […]

IRA Attack On Downing Street, Invoice Remains Unpaid

This news report is from 1991 and the IRA mortar bomb attack on Downing Street. As the British war cabinet was meeting to discuss the first war for oil in Iraq, they got a shock when mortars landed in the back garden and redesigned the entire space. This attack demonstrated the capabilities of the much […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – John Mann – British Politician

The stupidly grinning buffoon above is the British Labour Party politician and Zionist activist, John Mann. Although he looks as if he should be doing gaudy second-rate stand-up at Great Yarmouth during the waning summer months, Mann is a notorious supporter of Israel. So, instead of being an embarrassingly poor ventriloquist with a freaky puppet […]

Israeli Input Into ISIS

Given the ongoing spate of attacks across Europe by those claiming to be from ISIS, it is perhaps necessary give some logical consideration to such vile occurrences. The article which follows is an avenue of thought that Rebel Voice has allowed, one which might shed light upon the terrible actions of Islamic State. Firstly, to […]