Israeli Input Into ISIS

Given the ongoing spate of attacks across Europe by those claiming to be from ISIS, it is perhaps necessary give some logical consideration to such vile occurrences. The article which follows is an avenue of thought that Rebel Voice has allowed, one which might shed light upon the terrible actions of Islamic State.

Firstly, to better understand the reasoning behind such attacks, we must consider the position of ISIS and their stated aims.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) are a self-declared Islamic fundamentalist organisation who have created a Caliphate that spanned larger parts of both Iraq and Syria. They attracted pseudo-religious fighters from various nations who were conditioned, via western exploitation, to oppose anything that ran contrary to their spurious interpretation of Islam.


  • ISIS controlled area is shown in red


When ISIS succeeded (and they did succeed) in establishing their Caliphate, their next obvious next step was to consolidate their power-base. This would involve shoring up defences and eliminating any internal threat to their rule. The one thing that ISIS would not have wanted to do was to go to war with extremely powerful western nations such as France, US, UK and Russia. Yet this is exactly what they did.

Image result for Islamic State

When ISIS – also known as ISIL, Islamic State and Daesh – launched their assaults on western civilian populations, they immediately declared war against nation states who were so militarily powerful as to certainly destroy the Caliphate. And so it has transpired.

US, UK, French and Russian jet have demolished the armed forces of ISIS. The national forces of Syria, combined with a rejuvenated Iraqi military have moved to effectively destroy ISIS. At the time of writing, ISIS are struggling to fight a competent rearguard action against the Syrian military. The fundamentalists are on their knees and will cease to exist in any strength before too much longer.

Given that ISIS displayed enough tactical nous in their original campaign to conquer large swathes of territory and hold it for years, and given that such conquest was a solid indication that they had quite a good deal of strategic knowledge, the question must be asked, why would ISIS jeopardize everything that they had won by engaging in the ultimately futile tactic of attacking nations who were sure to destroy it?

The logical answer is that they would not have, unless all is not as it seems.

So why did, and do, such attacks occur?

The answer can be found within the confines of the Zionist state of Israel.

Readers who follow international politics, and Middle Eastern politics in particular, will not fail to understand that the one common factor that unties all pseudo-Islamic fundamentalist groups is opposition to the State of Israel. The World Of Islam has, at its heart, a determination to see justice for the people of Palestine. They recognize the horrors and abuse that the people of Palestine have had to endure for decades. Yet ISIS has never attacked Israel. ISIS has, however, attacked Hamas who are the eternal enemies of Israel. Shootings are regularly carried out in Gaza by salafist-jihadi groups who wish to topple the Hamas government.

In a blatant admission not widely broadcast by the western media, Israel has admitted providing medical assistance to terrorists from the al-Nusra Front who are closely aligned to ISIS. Many international commentators have stated their firm belief that Israel has provided military assistance to those groups aligned with ISIS and opposed to the Syrian government.

Image result for Netanyahu with Syrian fighters

  • Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel meeting with a terrorist from al-Nusra Front, an organisation aligned with ISIS.

So what has all this got to do with the attacks in Europe?

To better understand the strategic thinking within Israel, in relation to Europe and ISIS, we must look to the words of Avigdor Lieberman, who was Israel’s foreign minister at the time and is now defense minister of the rogue state.

Lieberman – who was born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union – has described EU support for Palestine as Israel’s top diplomatic challenge. This comment came after a UN Security Council vote on Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territory of Palestine.

Speaking at a meeting of Israel’s European ambassadors, Lieberman said: “Our biggest challenge is not the Palestinian Authority and the Arab states, but Western countries … The best example here is the [UN] Security Council vote. Of its members, three EU countries participated in the vote and two voted with the Palestinians, France and Luxembourg, while one country, Britain, abstained”.

Israel is well aware that should they lose the unconditional support of the European Union that they currently enjoy, then the writing will be on the wall for the Zionist state. Israel relies heavily upon the EU for trade and respectability. If a number of nations within that Union were to withdraw all support for Israel, perhaps even to the extent where they cut all diplomatic ties, then a domino effect could be created. One by one, the nations of the EU could swing fully behind the Palestinians and their understandable requirements for official recognition of their state.

Israel cannot allow this to happen.

That is why the Zionist entity reacts so forcefully to any moves by European nations to recognize Palestine. Israel has no interest in a two-state solution. It never did. That is why Israel has continually placed obstacles in the path of both progress and peace. It has manipulated both the Palestinians and Europeans into allowing Israeli procrastination designed to create additional time for Israel’s continuing colonization of East Jerusalem, The West Bank and the Golan Heights. This process of deception continues unabated.

Image result for east jerusalem settlements

The European Parliament, however, ‘supports in principle the recognition of Palestinian statehood and the two-state solution, and believes these should go hand in hand with the development of peace talks, which should be advanced’.

Logically, in order for Israel to successfully complete its illegal annexation of all of Palestine, it must change the position of the EU member states.

Since 2014, and the carnage wrought in Gaza by the Israeli onslaught against a civilian population, attitudes in Europe have moved significantly towards giving full recognition to the State of Palestine. The movement for change is gaining momentum, and Israeli counter-moves are becoming more aggressive and widespread.

Already, Sweden has officially accepted the Palestinian state. The Israeli government, in response, stated that they were ‘extremely unhappy’ with comments made by Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström, after she said that Israel was committing ‘extrajudicial executions’ of Palestinians and she called for a ‘thorough investigation.’

The Irish Oireachtas (both Houses of Parliament) have also called for official recognition of Palestine, and the strength of support for Palestine within Ireland is such that the Israeli ambassador felt the need to call for intervention by Israel, in Irish foreign policy, using the US government as means of applying greater pressure upon Irish politicians.

France, UK, Spain, Liechtenstein, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland and Greece have all either called for recognition of Palestine by their governments, or have expressed support for Palestinian statehood.

Belgium has also expressed support for Palestine, and relations with Israel were damaged by the Belgian decision to label all goods manufactured in the colonial squats of the Occupied Territories as such.

A Spanish judge issued an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his government ministers after careful consideration of their conduct towards the people of Gaza.

So why these details given, you wonder?

Well, what better way to influence the populations of the wavering nations of the EU, and their governments, than to subject them to callous and bloody attacks by pseudo-Islamic fundamentalists, all the while attempting to desperately link Palestinian groups to the same religious crazies.

When ISIS commits its atrocities across Europe, Israel rushes to the fore in issuing condemnation whilst highlighting the specious position of the Zionist state in standing as a supposed bulwark against such pseudo-Islamic violence. The Israelis wish the people of Europe to believe that ISIS and Palestinians are somehow one and the same. Yet, in parallel, Israel tries to portray itself as a modern western nation in the Middle East.

So successful is Israel at the use of such propaganda, that the President of the US, Donald Trump, whilst visiting Israel, commented upon how he had just returned from visiting the Middle East. Even the Israeli officials present seemed surprised at how successful their campaign of misinformation has become.

So it is, that although ISIS have not thought to attack Israel in the way that they unleash their killers upon Europe, and the tactic of attacking powerful nations is self-destructive and flies in the face of what it is that ISIS had hoped to achieve, the attacks go on.


Barcelona, London, Manchester, Paris, Stockholm, London, Berlin, Paris, Normandy, Ansbach, Nice, Brussels, Paris and Paris again. These are all nations where the people and politicians have expressed support for a Palestinian state.

All the sites of the ISIS attacks are located in the EU.

All the attacks have proved militarily detrimental to ISIS.

All the attacks occur as Israel expands its theft of Palestinian land.

All the attacks are used by Israel to indirectly vilify the Palestinians.

All the attacks are apparently by an organisation linked strongly to Israel via al-Nusra.

All the attacks are apparently by an organisation that is more astute than to engage in a self-defeating strategy

All the attacks are apparently by an organisation that publicly apologized to Israel for mortars they fired that accidentally landed in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

All of the attacks are apparently by a terrorist organization that has long been believed to be a creation of both the US and Israel to be used to further destabilize the Middle East thereby making it more vulnerable to further exploitation and territorial claims.

All the attacks are consistent with the needs of Israel to gain unquestionable acceptance in the EU.

All the attacks weaken the resolve of the governments of the EU to officially recognize Palestine.

All of the attacks harden the attitudes of the populations in the victim nations and increase the rate of Islamophobia throughout the EU.

All of the attacks strengthen the hand of the intelligence agencies across the EU.

All of the attacks strengthen the hand of Mossad.

All of the attacks strengthen the position of Israel.

All of the attacks are being directed by Israel…?

Image result for Netanyahu with Syrian fighters

Note: Of those European nations most strongly in favour of recognizing the Palestinian State, only two have thus far escaped the brutality of ISIS.

One is Portugal…

The other is Ireland…











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