New Zealand Terrorist Attack – The Israeli Connection

The atrocities that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, when an Australian terrorist murdered 50 Muslims during prayer has been widely reported. Many reasons for the killings have been mooted, but little attention has been given to the Israel connection. The terrorist who committed the attacks, and there is a strongly held belief that he […]

ISIS Commander Revealed As Mossad Agent?

It’s no secret that the Israeli assassination agency, Mossad, is guilty of many overseas crimes. They are known to have murdered a number of foreign targets in North Africa through to Iran. They are also strongly suspected of heavy involvement with ISIS, aka Daesh aka Islamic State. The Israeli regime has admitted assisting the terrorists […]

Who Is America – How To Survive A Terrorist Attack

Here we have the fictional Israeli General/Captain/Major/Sergeant Erran Morad, who was never a member of Mossad, demonstrating to a Trump activist and influential supporter exactly how to tackle a terrorist attack. Of course, it’s all tongue-in-cheek, not that the victims of this beautiful prank have realized that. The beauty of this wind-up is that it […]

Mossad Killer Protected By Croatia

In this report we read about two assassins, reputedly working for Mossad, who killed a leading member of Hamas’ engineering department in Tunis. Both gunmen were later identified and arrested in Croatia. Both were carrying Bosnian passports. The Croatian government, in cahoots with the government of Bosnia are, for some as yet unknown reason, refusing […]

Front companies and Israel’s global terrorist network —

A common tactic for intelligence agencies is the use of front companies. In books about Israeli spy agencies, the tactic is a frequent reappearance. Former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky’s book “By Way of Deception” gives details of some of the ways Israel’s notorious overseas spying and assassination agency operates. He recounts the use of front… via […]