Who Is America – How To Survive A Terrorist Attack

Here we have the fictional Israeli General/Captain/Major/Sergeant Erran Morad, who was never a member of Mossad, demonstrating to a Trump activist and influential supporter exactly how to tackle a terrorist attack. Of course, it’s all tongue-in-cheek, not that the victims of this beautiful prank have realized that.

The beauty of this wind-up is that it demonstrates how invested in Israel certain members of the US political scene are. The tactics employed in this sketch include using pork and homosexual imagery to scare Muslim attackers. It’s astounding to think that supposedly intelligent people would fall for this, yet they do.

Note that Sacha Baron Cohen was famous for his Islamic character, Borat, who exposed a seedy side to US life, usually at his instigation. In this incarnation, he has chosen a fanatical Israeli Jew to do the damage. Nice bit of balance, Cohen. Kudos.

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