Massive Shooting in Christchurch NZ. Mosque Attacked by White Supremacist (NSFW) — Digital Empire (Livestream Stills)

Massive shooting in New Zealand. Multiple victims. It was streamed live on Facebook. Man goes on a rant the night before. Threatens to do a shooting and planned to stream it live. Then it happens. A gunman has opened fire at a mosque in central Christchurch, with reports of casualties and police […] via […]

American War – Novel By Omar El Akkad

American War by Omar El Akkad It’s 2075 and the US is again fighting a civil war although there’s rarely anything civil about such bloodshed. Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi have banded together and declared themselves the Free Southern State (FSS). South Carolina would also have been in that grouping if not for the lethal virus […]

Who Is America – How To Survive A Terrorist Attack

Here we have the fictional Israeli General/Captain/Major/Sergeant Erran Morad, who was never a member of Mossad, demonstrating to a Trump activist and influential supporter exactly how to tackle a terrorist attack. Of course, it’s all tongue-in-cheek, not that the victims of this beautiful prank have realized that. The beauty of this wind-up is that it […]

Imperialist Interference In Pakistani Elections Explained

Pakistan: At the Brink of Sovereignty They did it again on July 25, 2018. On the day of polls another mind-programmed mercenary of ISIS, the nefarious CIA creation – a militant proxy – slaughtered 31 and injured over 40 in a bomb blast in the vicinity of a polling station in Quetta – the capital […] […]

Syria conflict: Israel evacuates ‘White Helmets’ but are the ‘White Helmets’ not Israeli? Does that not defeat the object? — seachranaidhe1

Israel and America started the war in Syria for the price of oil Israel says it has carried out an evacuation of members of Syria’s White Helmets civil defence group from a war zone in south-western Syria. Some 422 volunteers and family members were taken to Jordan via the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights overnight. The UK, […] […]

Djibouti – Novel By Elmore Leonard

Djibouti  by Elmore Leonard Djibouti is both a nation and capital city on the Horn of Africa. It borders Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and is a fine setting for this thriller from the well-regarded Elmore Leonard. Dara Barr is an Oscar-winning US documentary maker seeking the next big story. She decides that Somali pirates are […]

1,000 Hostages Rescued From Boko Haram

Boko Haram are about as nasty a lot as you’ll find anywhere. They abduct, rape and kill. Yet they appear to move freely around Nigeria and neighbouring countries. Rebel Voice wonders if, should this terrorist group begin to affect the flow of oil from West Africa, how long would it be before the governments of […]

Heaven’s Prisoners

Heaven’s Prisoners   by James Lee Burke Regular readers of these book reviews would be forgiven for thinking that Rebel Voice is the love-child of James Lee, such is the proliferation of his novels and the strong praise for them. I would like to assure all readers that this site has no connections to the US […]

Norman Finkelstein Plays A Stormer In Interview With Zionist TV Host

In the following clip, taken from a Danish TV program (the interview is in English), the renowned defender of Palestinian rights, Norman Finkelstein, demonstrates exactly how to take to pieces the arguments on behalf of Israel. Although the Danish host, Adam Holm, is clearly biased in favour of the Zionist regime, and repeatedly attempts to […]