Imperialist Interference In Pakistani Elections Explained

Pakistan: At the Brink of Sovereignty They did it again on July 25, 2018. On the day of polls another mind-programmed mercenary of ISIS, the nefarious CIA creation – a militant proxy – slaughtered 31 and injured over 40 in a bomb blast in the vicinity of a polling station in Quetta – the capital […]

via — See Behind The Veil

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  1. Same here rebelvoice. When I first took an interest in politics, certain ’causes’ grabbed my attention. So far as Palestine was concerned, I was puzzled why young people apparently hated ‘the Jews’ so much they wanted to blow them up. Of course I was only getting half the story from the media. And in any case it wasn’t a religious hatred at all, it was the forced expulsion form their own lands. Pakistan and Irish politics are something I want to know more about, I suppose both are for selfish reasons. Knowledge of UK interference, in their past and current affairs is something I want to understand. US dominance in military power doesn’t mean the British ruling class are unable to wield political influence, I intend finding out just how much.

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