Axis Of Evil – US Federal Government And Israel Conspire To Train In Techniques Of Oppression

In this brief video, we hear of the increasing levels of interaction between the militant forces of the two states that constitute the Axis Of Evil. Both the US Federal government and the rogue state of Israel have moved to intensify the training that occurs between the police and military of both. Excursions to Israel are arranged for US cops. Israeli military personnel travel to the US to train in the use of the latest weapons systems.

The right-wing and fascist governments of both Netanyahu and Trump make comfortable bedfellows. They are hell-bent on destroying the entire idea of Palestine, as well as steadily moving to engage Iran in full-scale war. The exchanges of law enforcement and military personnel should be of concern to all who care about justice in our world. Such sharing of methods between the forces of fascism is sure to lead to a further deterioration in human rights standards across the globe.

Citizens who oppose imperialism and growing corporate control must make their rebel voices heard, before it is too late.

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