Israeli Right-wingers And Support For Trump

Trump has never had any problems with a large portion of his support coming from the right-wings, even when that support is from extremists. That includes the fanatical supporters of Israel, Sheldon Adelson among them. There are many who believe that it wasn’t Russia but Israel who helped Trump to power. Perhaps it was both.  […]

Imperialist Interference In Pakistani Elections Explained

Pakistan: At the Brink of Sovereignty They did it again on July 25, 2018. On the day of polls another mind-programmed mercenary of ISIS, the nefarious CIA creation – a militant proxy – slaughtered 31 and injured over 40 in a bomb blast in the vicinity of a polling station in Quetta – the capital […] […]

Chinese Government Congratulate Venezuelan President Upon Election

It should come as no surprise that the Socialist leader of China would congratulate the Socialist President of Venezuela upon his re-election. What is most important about this seemingly innocuous story is that the Chinese (and Russian) offers of friendship and comradery will fly in the face of the attitude of both the US government […]

Professor Speaks On Maduro Venezuelan Victory

Although incumbent President Maduro comfortably won the recent national elections in Venezuela, many western and western-controlled governments have refused to acknowledge the results as valid. These authorities are all Capitalist and therefore fervently opposed to any socialist success. Yet for all its troubles, most of which have been formulated by western imperialism to divide the […]

Danny Glover Defends Venezuelan Elections

It’s sad when the elite of Hollywood chose to remain silent over human rights abuses across the globe. Many of them are suspiciously particular about what issues they broach, if indeed they address any. Danny Glover, however, is one celebrity who has used his platform to highlight injustice when he sees it. As the US […]

Venezuelan Election Run-down

As Venezuelans go to the polls to elect a leader, here’s a brief run-down of what you need to know about elections in the oil-rich nation. – If you care about these issues, please share this –

Mark It Red

This is a strong poem read by a humble man. Good to luck to Jeremy Corbyn and the people of Britain, who need him more than they may know.

As the Six Counties’ dust settles

So the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC) elections are past. The conclusions are drawn and new strategies formulated, the parties working feverishly in putting their spin on the results. The DUP are the biggest losers. They are desperately attempting to hold it together in face of a damning reprimand from within Unionism now tired of […]

Political Gladiators Of The Irish OSC Fight To A Bitter End (In A Mudbath)

With elections looming in the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC), and given the inherent hostility that exists between the various parties, I was persuaded into thinking of the manner in which warring forces of the ancient world often chose to settle their disputes. Rather than have two opposing armies slaughter one another, with resultant massive […]