Chinese Government Congratulate Venezuelan President Upon Election

It should come as no surprise that the Socialist leader of China would congratulate the Socialist President of Venezuela upon his re-election. What is most important about this seemingly innocuous story is that the Chinese (and Russian) offers of friendship and comradery will fly in the face of the attitude of both the US government and that of an increasingly federalized European Union.

Venezuela is under serious threat from the US Empire and the greedy cartel that controls that military behemoth. A misinformed and distracted US populace are oblivious to what their administration is trying to do in Latin America. The actions of the US will not only have disastrous effects for the people of Venezuela, they will also have a knock-on effect for the people of the US.

MS-13, the criminal organisation that has spread across the US, was founded by El Salvadoran immigrants to California who fled a nation destroyed by wars instigated and financed by successive US administrations. Just like both ISIS and Al Qaeda, the greedy corporations in the US, and the politicians and agencies that they control, create monsters for their short-term use, but fail to contain the genies that eventually escape the bottle.

If the US continue in their insidious attempts to destabilize Venezuela, and if they succeed, expect further social pressures to build within the US as people flee the fighting in Latin America. It will be the citizens of the US who ultimately suffer the cost of US Imperialism almost as much as the victims in Latin America.

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  1. TrepidationTraveler

    As the EU is mulling over how to circumvent the US sanctions on Iran because they want to exploit neo-liberal Iran for their well educated, unionless workingclass they don’t acknowledge the Venezuelan election and want to crank up the sanctions. While i do think it’s important that the EU upholds the ‘Iran deal'(if only to stick it to the US). It just shows that the EU in it’s current form has no ethics at all. Here in the Netherlands, people actually believe Maduro is a dictator! The political propaganda and hypocrisy is mind boggling.
    I for one congratulate the Venezuelan people for giving the neo-liberal capitalists the finger.
    Chavismo!, in defiance of tyranny.

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