Israeli Right-wingers And Support For Trump

Trump has never had any problems with a large portion of his support coming from the right-wings, even when that support is from extremists. That includes the fanatical supporters of Israel, Sheldon Adelson among them. There are many who believe that it wasn’t Russia but Israel who helped Trump to power. Perhaps it was both.  In any event, Trump’s outrageous actions in moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, his attacks on Iran and his continuance of the war in Syria are testament to the influence of the Israeli regime upon US government policy.

What Trump ignores, or more likely doesn’t care about, is that it will be US soldiers, not Israelis, who die in any war with Iran – as well as countless Iranian civilians as was the case with Syrian innocents in their tortured and blood-soaked land. The Israelis have always been content to sacrifice the lives of US citizens to further their own fascist agenda. Rebel Voice wonders when the citizens of the US will waken to the hard reality of how they have been repeatedly used and abused by the rogue Zionist state?

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