Norman Finkelstein Plays A Stormer In Interview With Zionist TV Host

Image result for Norman Finkelstein

In the following clip, taken from a Danish TV program (the interview is in English), the renowned defender of Palestinian rights, Norman Finkelstein, demonstrates exactly how to take to pieces the arguments on behalf of Israel.

Although the Danish host, Adam Holm, is clearly biased in favour of the Zionist regime, and repeatedly attempts to interrupt and hound Finkelstein, he fails miserably as Norman retains his patience and composure and puts forth one valid point after another to which the Zionist has no reply.

This performance is a masterclass in how to defeat the specious claims that accompany the fake state of Israel.

(The English language interview begins 45 seconds in)

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4 Responses

  1. Israel can continue to call their apartheid wall a “security fence”
    But we know the truth
    Israel can continue to claim to be a “democracy”
    But we know the truth
    Israel can continue to scream ANTI-SEMITE when ever their horrific crimes are exposed
    But we know the truth
    Palestinians are the only Semites in Palestine
    It is the European Zionists occupying Palestine who are the


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