Who Is America? – Jason Spencer (US Representative) Bares His Unfortunate Ass At Israeli Request

In this clip from the Sacha Baron Cohen series, Who is America? we get a look at the type of people who make it to the top of US state politics. One such person is Jason Spencer, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives.

In this brief excerpt, Spencer is duped by Cohen into baring his sagging ass as he follows hilarious instructions on how to tackle members of Al Qaeda. He was also fooled into using the ‘n’ word repeatedly during his training session with Cohen’s specious Israeli ex-military officer. Spencer has recently stated that he is resigning from his political office in wake of his shocking conduct.


So have a look-see at what passes for responsible political representation in Georgia. You would be  forgiven for believing the there is little difference between the misguided antics of Spencer, and those of the man who holds the top office in the land. Heaven forbid that we should get a look at that particular sagging orange ass.

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