Borat – Funniest Bonus Scenes

Here, Rebel Voice has decided to supply you with enough laughs to see you right for a few days. Borat is not for everyone. His antics are cringeworthy. They are embarrassing to all with the exception of Borat himself. How anyone can keep a straight face whilst pulling off the stunts that Sacha Baron Cohen […]

Scooby Doo Dubbed – Parody [Adult Language]

Many readers will have enjoyed the shenanigans of the Scooby Gang in their younger years. The wayward group of sleuths looked as if they were always having a great ole time being chased by all manner of weirdo (kinda like Donald Trump’s bedroom). But what if the language was… shall we say… a tad more […]

Who Is America? (2018) Sacha Baron Cohen

This clip is from the first episode in the highly popular new Sacha Baron Cohen series, Who is America?, in which the satirical comedian manages to convince politicians and other influential public figures in the USA to demonstrate just how idiotic they truly are. It is scary and shocking to realize just how moronic some […]

Funny Videos To Help You Through Your Day

If you’re having a tough day, week or life, then this is the video for you. Following is a selection of amusing clips that are sure to raise a smile on a wearied face. You might even be tempted to laugh. The montage contains a nice variety of action that demonstrate that as a species […]