US Stand-up Comedian – Eddie Murphy

Here is Eddie Murphy wearing a funny suit without trying to be ironic. It’s lucky that he’s doing stand-up as otherwise people would feel embarrassed to laugh at the poor fella but would likely do it anyway. How could you not? His comedy can be crude and loud, but he has insight and presents his topics well. An Eddie Murphy routine is not for the fainthearted. but there has always been a market for this type of profanity-laden, crass product. Rebel Voice is not a huge fan of such really f**king unsophisticated language as is used by a c**tin’ bo**ocks pice of S**t as we can see in this f**kin’ over the fri**in’ top video full of b****** and t****s with too much c****s***i***k and mo**&$£*##kwa#**r. Still, perhaps you’ll enjoy it.

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