Dareen Tatour Poem – Female Poet Of Resistance

Dareen Tatour is a Palestinian poet recently sentenced to five months in an Israeli prison for posting one of her poems online. This action by the Zionist regime is indicative of increasingly blatant measures instigated by the rogue state of Israel to censor any views that run contrary to their official fascist narrative.

Israel is continually upping the ante, especially now as they have the arch-fascist Trump firmly in their corner. They have arrested members of the media, shot others; arrested children, shot others; arrested medics, shot others. They have also declared war on Palestinian culture and opposition to the occupation of Palestinian lands. They have persisted in allowing the continuance of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and the placing of Zionist squatters on that cleared space, in defiance of international law and condemnation.

Israel no longer has a leash and is running rampant across the rights and lives of the people of Palestine and those humanitarians who support Palestinian rights. The jailing of Dareen Tatour is one more step down the path of creating a complete and unashamed authoritarian and fascist state. Let the poets of the world take note, Israel is no friend to verse, culture or the arts. Perhaps it’s time that the poetry of the world began to reflect that.

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