Know Your Zionist Enemy – Arnon Milchan – Hollywood Producer

A timely reminder of the negative influence of Zionism in Hollywood.

Rebel Voice

Image result for Arnon Milchan free to use image  Arnon Milchan

Many commentators have mentioned the high instance of pro-Israeli propaganda that emanates from Hollywood. Detractors of the struggle for Palestine label such remarks as ‘conspiracy theories’ in an effort to denounce any truthful revelations that might harm Israel. Yet, when facts are presented, it becomes impossible for Zionists to credibly deny the truth.

When Marlon Brando once, inaccurately, stated, “Hollywood is run by Jews’ he was reacting in a manner that was not thought through properly. His use of the term ‘Jews’ was wholly inappropriate. However, if Brando had, instead, replaced the word ‘Jews’ with that of ‘Zionists’ then he would have been much closer to the money.

The following piece concerns one such Zionist who also just happens to be Jewish. His ethnic identity (real or imagined – see Rebel Voice article, Who Is A Jew?) is irrelevant. What is of great import is his aggressive…

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